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32ATPs Scientific Consulting, LLC

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    32ATPs was born out of a desire to improve scientific workflows, enhance scientific discovery and facilitate bench to bedside research. Our biological and life science research and management experience provides the scientific community (from small labs looking to increase productivity to large departments, institutions, biotech and pharma companies) the tools to identify and succeed in your business and process improvement goals.

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    32ATPs was founded in 2011 and has grown into a passionate team of subject matter experts. Learn about our technical experts and the companies that we partner with.

32ATPs Scientific Consulting, LLC


How can we help you today?


How can we help you today?

Career Counseling

Cover Letters | Resumes |Skill Building

Learn strategies for asking for what you want, negotiating, and harnessing your innate characteristics to your best advantage. STEM careers have a high female attrition rate. Learn to showcase your natural relationship building, multitasking and communication skills.

Scientific Writing and Editing

White papers | Manuscripts | Business Reports

Services include; grammar polish of foreign language manuscripts, proposal materials and document prepartion, white papers, reports and other writing services.

Technical Expertise

Subject matter experts | New Business start-up | Corporate goal setting

Do you know how to register your business? Learn how to obtain employee identification and DUNS numbers, secure a URL for your website, and set corporate goals to fulfill your business plan. Additionally, our subject matter experts can be deployed to provide expertise to your project.

Process Improvement

Project Management | Lean Workflows

Start each project off right! What are your project inputs and outputs? Did you define project milestones or are you drifting from one experiment to the next? What are the risks and how will you manage them? Does your staff work together to batch samples efficiently?

32ATPs Scientific Consulting, LLC
32ATPs Scientific Consulting, LLC


The 32ATPs team of experts


The 32ATPs team of experts

We are 32ATPs

Energy | Efficiency

Our management, scientific, and technical consultants influence how businesses, governments, and institutions make decisions. Working behind the scenes, we offer technical expertise, information, contacts, and tools to our clients.

Additional technical expert profiles coming soon!


  • Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe

    Founder (President and CEO)

    Molecular Biology, New Business Start-Up, Management

  • http://tgscenic.com

    Thomas George, MFA


    Graphic, Logo, and Website Design, Photography

  • www.julietansley.com

    Julie Tansley, MS

    Associate Consultant

    Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design, Information Management, Administrative Support


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P: (860) 462-3719